The Beach Lightroom Desktop Presets


These presets are perfect for anyone who loves stunning beach portraits. Beautiful colors, pastel hues and warm light! You'll notice that presets 1-20 are a little more pastel and gentle, for those that love the pastel hues and colors in their beach portraits. Presets 21-30 are for those that love the moodier, colorful, high contrasted portraits. And Presets 31-40 are beautiful black and white presets! You are in full control with these presets. 

These presets are meant to save you time and help you create consistent work. you'll notice in the video that I click on each preset once and the changes you see are 100% from the selected presets, no tweaking required unless you'd like to of course!

CLICK HERE to watch the video click-through of all the presets. This collection is perfect for you if you love; 

  • Shooting at beaches 
  • Vibrant Color Tones
  • Colorful Skies & Blue Water
  • 40 beautiful presets for Lightroom + adjustment pack 
  • 40 beautiful presets for Photoshop ACR 
  • Sync to Lightroom Mobile (All collections can be used on the Mobile Lightroom App when synced from Lightroom CC.)
    • Lightroom 4 and Above (Lightroom Presets)
    • ACR 7/Photoshop 6 and Above (Photoshop ACR Presets)
    • Lightroom CC Mobile and Desktop App