"this class will completely change your life!"


Turning dreams into reality is my specialty! This online business success class covers all my business secrets and I'll show you how I went from making  10K in a year to one that made me over $105,000 during 90 days! This class is for photographers who are truly ready to build the business of their dreams and learn the important steps in developing a strong business, brand, and client base. When I first start my photography business I had to learn a lot of important things by trial and error. After years of building a business of my own I'm excited to share all my business knowledge with those of you that are ready to build something you are truly proud of. Something that will make you independently strong as a person and as a business owner. If you have a dream and are willing to work hard at it then you'll absolutely love this class -- It will completely change your life.  
Self paced online class to build the business of your dreams. Complete the entire course and get the perfect blue print on your path to success.
Lifetime support in our private online group. Connect with me and photographers around the world that are building their dream business just like you.
The perfect tools to help you succeed. You'll get all the tools you need to help you organize your business and get it on track. 






The Class
» Business Success Online Class Access 
Everything you need to know about building a successful business. This class is laid out to help you get a personal blue print for success. It will guide you through everything I've done myself and give you a clear guide on what you need to do every step of the way. The class is hosted online, so you can take as long as you need to go through the content. 

» Build a Business Modules
Through out the online class you'll come across build a business modules which is going to ask you questions about your own business and allow you to reflect on what it is you want to do, and the goals you want to accomplish. You'll learn how to figure out pricing and what is going to separate your business from the rest. 

» Private Online Group Community
The private online group is what makes this whole course so special. This is where you'll have time to connect with me, ask me questions and be part of a really amazing group of people that are there to uplift, help, and encourage one another. The best thing about it is that you get to be part of this group for as long as you want, and I hope it's forever! I believe having a strong support system in place is what so many photographers need and that's what this group is all about! 
The Products
» Photography Pricing Calculator
Yes - you read that right! Our new photography pricing calculator will tell you EXACTLY what you need to charge per session, how much you need to charge for different size prints, how much to charge for digital files and packages and it will even give you three sample print collections to give you an idea on what to sell based on your prices! 

» Photography Business Planner
I designed this business planner it to fit my very busy business schedule, making me a more organized business owner. This planner is here to keep you and your business organized. It is the PERFECT planner for us photographers! 

» Social Media Content Builder
We all know content is king. With this amazing social media content builder you'll have your entire year planned out with beautiful pre written post that will help you build your following and engage with the people that matter most.
» Simplicity Lightroom Presets
Although this class is here to help you build your business I realize that beautiful work is just as important. All students will also receive an entire collection of beautiful presets which will help speed up your post processing and help you develop consistency. 

» Post Processing Video Tutorial
You'll also get a post processing video tutorial which you'll get to watch some behind the scenes tips and tricks when it comes to editing in photoshop.

» Photoshop Actions 
If you're not yet using Lightroom don't worry, you will also get some pretty actions to help you create beautiful portraits.

» Downloadable PDF of the class
Since some of you might want to print out all the material you'll also get the PDF version of the class which you are welcome to print out.

» Bonus Guide on Newborn Photography
This special bonus guide is for you newborn photographers. You'll get additional information on setting up newborn sessions, how to prepare parents as well as a complete posing guide for traditional poses as well as life style poses.


    I remember sitting at my desk frustrated with the lack of income, I had only made 3K in profits for the month. I was living paycheck to paycheck, and the stress of it grew by the day. I had no business structure, no plan and felt like a failure. I wasn't attracting the right type of clients and couldn’t figure out how to close the deal and get potential clients to officially book. I constantly felt stressed and overworked, and quite honestly I felt like I was going in circles with something that wasn’t working.

    I sat down one day and decided that something had to change. I came up with a plan, set my goals and decided I wasn’t going to quit until I figured it out. I followed my path and by the next month I saw a huge change. Since then my business has been growing and my profits have as well. I have reached each of my goals and best of all I have a successful business that fills my heart. My business is my passion and I can’t wait to help others do the same.

    I remember when I first started my business I thought about how amazing it would be to buy some new props with the money I was making and not have to come out of pocket for it. Or how amazing it would be to help my family financially a little. I never in my wildest dreams thought that my business would allow me to have complete financial freedom, pay a whole mortgage, and allow my husband to quit a job he disliked - all while having a career in something that I absolutely loved to do. After seeing my business grow over time I knew anything was possible with the right plan. My dream of running a successful business that fills my passion and allows me to have complete financial freedom is now my reality and I would love to help others do the same. 

    Offering my business mentoring is something I am absolutely passionate about. Seeing other succeeding after learning how to run a business correctly is so fulfilling. Being able to watch someone go from struggling to living a life they dreamt of is seriously the best thing ever. I see so much potential in people and love bringing it out of people by showing them that they too can be successful at running a business they are passionate about. My class is easy to follow and can be applied to ANYONE who wants to turn their passion into something bigger. In this class I will cover literally EVERYTHING that I do for my business and you'll be able to apply these steps to your own business.