to preparing for a new baby


As a minimalist at heart, who enjoys keeping a simple home,
I often find that less is more and I knew right away that preparing for this third baby,
that I would want to focus on hand-selected pieces that I knew would truly be used often.
Below you'll find a range of baby items from different companies that put so much effort and
love into the items they create making life with a new baby easier than ever.  

With my first, I remember not really knowing what all I needed, counting on online checklists and pages filled with MUST HAVE items for a new baby, it was overwhelming, and I wish I would have known that you didn't really need all that extra stuff. With your second, and third, you can clearly remember what items you used, and which ones just took up space.  I've had so many mamas ask me to share my list, and I figured creating an article featuring these pieces would be a perfect way to show what all I felt was most important.

Key points in looking for items for baby; 

I love pieces that are of natural colors
Organic elements like cotton, wool & bamboo
Quality products made with a purpose



infant lounger in natural


solly baby

baby wrap in taupe



sleeper in taupe


solly baby

baby swaddel in taupe



electric breast pump



professional product photography & collaborations

As a professional photographer I have been honored to work with companies and brands all over the world by photographing their items for them. My style is organic, natural and my focus is to photograph pieces in a way that truly highlights the quality and beauty. I am selective with the brands that I work with as it's so important that my style really lines up with theirs. 

If you are interested in collaborating please email me directly at;