White Studio Lightroom Desktop Presets


Specifically designed for photographers who love to shoot their sessions in all white studios. These presets are built around giving you the perfect white balance with a simple click of a button. We all know the struggles of shooting on all white, and how frustrating it can be to work with blue and yellow hues that you just can't seem to get perfect. You'll notice that these adjustments not only give you that beautiful bright and airy look, but also magically adjust your white balance giving you perfect creamy whites! 

This collection is similar to the pure collection; the pure collection works wonderfully on indoor and outdoor sessions. The White Studio Collection is designed for only those who work in an all white studio space and looking for presets to help them achieve perfect white balance and skin tones! 

The presets come with 40 presets as well as the bonus adjustment preset pack (1-20 brighter, and 21-40 a little less exposed) for those of you who enjoy underexposing your portraits use presets 1-20 and those of you who expose correctly use presets 21-40!

CLICK HERE to watch the video click-through of all the presets. This collection is perfect for you if you love;

  • All White Studio Space
  • Perfect White Balance
  • Crisp & Clean Edits
  • Lighter Portraits
  • Sharp Details 
  • 40 beautiful presets for Lightroom + adjustment pack 
  • 40 beautiful presets for Photoshop ACR 
  • Sync to Lightroom Mobile (All collections can be used on the Mobile Lightroom App when synced from Lightroom CC.)
    • Lightroom 4 and Above (Lightroom Presets)
    • ACR 7/Photoshop 6 and Above (Photoshop ACR Presets)
    • Lightroom CC Mobile and Desktop App