The Lush Lightroom Desktop Presets


The Lush Lightroom preset collection is a dream come true for those looking for that beautiful film look with lush colors, peachy skin tones, and dreamy natural light. You'll notice that the first 10 presets in the collection are more bright and airy, of course, without losing any important details and colors. The next 10 favor a more vibrant, perfect for those of you who want a little more contrast in your portraits. The last 10 colored presets focus on creating perfect white balance to help bring out only the prettiest warm tones. Of course, matching black and white presets are included at the end! 

Please watch the video click through of every preset included, no additional adjustments were made in the video or before and after. I spend a lot of time creating my presets and want to make them easy to use for portrait photographers. The goal is to use presets to speed up your post processing and help you achieve the look you absolutely love. 

CLICK HERE to watch the video click-through of all the presets. This collection is perfect for you if you love;

  • Lush Green Tones
  • Peachy Skin Tones
  • Sharp Details 
  • Soft Lighting
  • 40 beautiful presets for Lightroom + adjustment pack  
  • 40 beautiful presets for Photoshop ACR 
  • Sync to Lightroom Mobile (All collections can be used on the Mobile Lightroom App when synced from Lightroom CC.)
    • Lightroom 4 and Above (Lightroom Presets)
    • ACR 7/Photoshop 6 and Above (Photoshop ACR Presets)
    • Lightroom CC Mobile and Desktop App