The Matte Lightroom Desktop Presets


This new collection includes 40 unique matte presets to help you create the perfect matte portraits. There's something about these matte presets that bring out the the moody, raw emotion of portraits. The beautiful balance between contrast, light and shadows. Keeping all the details perfectly in focus. They work great on all different types of portraits, indoor studio portraits as well as outdoor sessions. With over 40 presets to choose from you'll create consistent professional work with all your portraits. 

This collection is perfect for you if you love;

  • Moody Portraits
  • Matte Finishes
  • Darker Images
    • 40 beautiful presets for Lightroom + adjustment pack 
    • 40 beautiful presets for Photoshop ACR 
    • Sync to Lightroom Mobile (All collections can be used on the Mobile Lightroom App when synced from Lightroom CC.)
      • Lightroom 4 and Above (Lightroom Presets)
      • ACR 7/Photoshop 6 and Above (Photoshop ACR Presets)
      • Lightroom CC Mobile and Desktop App