The Canva Email Graphic Templates

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Product made by our friends at TONIC.

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We’re not just giving you a pretty lure and wishing you luck, we’re teaching you how to fish. Our Canva Email Templates make email marketing a breeze – every email you’ll ever need to send is already designed for you, so your email game has more power (and clicks), and less time, sweat, and tears.

We know you want your emails to work for you, but you need it to be easy. Tested to work on all major email marketing platforms, our Canva Email Templates are the fast track if you’re just starting your email list, have a new product to launch, blog post to share, sale to run, or newsletter to send. How easy are we making it? If you can upload an image, these graphics will work for you. Editorial, modern, colorful – with something for every style – we thought of every kind of graphic you’ll ever need.


  • 4 collections in 1
  • Content + Headers / Footers + Banners / Buttons / Promos
  • Photos ready to use
  • Fonts ready to use
  • Perfectly sized for desktop and mobile"